The Chatley at Smith Mountain Lake

Lakeside living on scenic Smith Mountain Lake is a dream in The Chatley. This 4500 sq.ft. home maintains a light atmosphere with deep character, featuring
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The Aspen at Blacksburg

Set among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Blacksburg VA, the striking presence of the Aspen is breathtaking and tranquil. At just over 10,000 sq.
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The Adirondack at Smith Mountain Lake

Built in 1999 on Smith Mountain Lake, the Adirondack continues to attract admirers by land and by boat. At just over 3600 sq. ft., this
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Custom Home Builder Blog:

Whether your ready with blueprints in hand or are just beginning to consider a custom home, we know you’ll find the articles here in our custom home builder blog extremely helpful.

  • Custom Home Builders – What Should You Expect From Them?

    Smith Mountain Lake, VA – Building a house is one thing. Building a home that will preserve the precious moments spent with your closest ones is another. Planning and building a custom home can be a time and energy-consuming task, or it can be an experience during which you see your dreams and visions come
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  • How Much Input Should You Have In Your Custom Home?

    Roanoke VA – As your new home is being designed, you’ll naturally have questions, suggestions, and concerns. Building a house is a big and exciting project, and many of our customers ask us before we begin about the amount of input they’ll be able to provide during the design and construction process. At KEBO, we
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  • Communication: The Key To Your Custom Home

    Roanoke VA – What’s the secret to building custom homes that delight our clients? We’ve been in the custom construction business since 1999, and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that the most powerful tool at our disposal isn’t in any builder’s tool belt – it’s strong, clear communication with the client. At the outset,
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  • The Quality of a KEBO Custom Home

    Roanoke VA – What determines the quality of a custom home built by KEBO?  The answer is simple:
  you do.  At KEBO, we believe that each of our clients deserves a home made from the highest 
quality materials and built to last! You trust us to make your dream home a reality, and
 we take
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