The Chatley at Smith Mountain Lake

Lakeside living on scenic Smith Mountain Lake is a dream in The Chatley. This 4500 sq.ft. home maintains a light atmosphere with deep character, featuring
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The Aspen at Blacksburg

Set among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Blacksburg VA, the striking presence of the Aspen is breathtaking and tranquil. At just over 10,000 sq.
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The Adirondack at Smith Mountain Lake

Built in 1999 on Smith Mountain Lake, the Adirondack continues to attract admirers by land and by boat. At just over 3600 sq. ft., this
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Custom Home Builders – What Should You Expect From Them?

Smith Mountain Lake, VA – Building a house is one thing. Building a home that will preserve the precious moments spent with your closest ones is another. Planning and building a custom home can be a time and energy-consuming task, or it can be an experience during which you see your dreams and visions come true. What should you expect to get from a custom home builder to make sure they will live up to your expectations? We, at KEBO will try to answer this question for you, easing your decision-making process.

Initial consultation, “the sooner the better” – free of charge

Reviewing the location and placement on your property of a custom design/build home is one of the most important steps in the home building process.  On top of gathering as much information as possible and providing you with a price estimate, a professional should enquire about your special requirements from the very start. In this way they will be able to give you a realistic answer about what is feasible, and what is not. Last but not least, this initial meeting should be thorough, but free of charge.

At KEBO, your goals are our primary objective and this first meeting is important for us to get started in shaping the home of your dreams. Our first contact will also give you a good idea of how we are different from other home builders. Please call us to schedule your initial consultation.!

Control the design of your home

Since you have opted for a custom built home, the provider you choose should offer the means through which you can turn your vision into reality. Ensuring good communication channels between you and your chosen provider’s designers, architects, and team members is crucial. It is your home builder’s responsibility to help you stay involved in the planning, design, and construction process, and the easier they make this for you, the more trust you can put in them.

Transparency in the materials used

One of the main advantages of custom home building is the fact that you can ensure the quality of materials utilized in the construction of your home. Your builder should feel comfortable about providing proof of that. They should also be able to offer you a selection of high quality, manmade, eco-friendly construction materials, among which you can choose the ones best fitting your taste and your lifestyle. We also want your involvement with products you may want to explore or have used and prefer.

Transparency in their pricing policy

Your chosen home builder should be able to give you an accurate estimate within 10% of the price of your new home with preliminary construction documents. They should be able to tell you what changes or circumstances could lead to large deviations from that estimate as well as give you an exhaustive list of services/materials that are included in that price.

Finding the right home builder for your custom home may not be an easy task, but don’t forget to follow your intuition, too. Since these will be the people with whom you will be forming a close relationship for the next 8-10 months during the build process, make sure you have the right chemistry with them! We at KEBO not only desire to build the home of your dreams but also a lasting relationship for many years to come.

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