The Chatley at Smith Mountain Lake

Lakeside living on scenic Smith Mountain Lake is a dream in The Chatley. This 4500 sq.ft. home maintains a light atmosphere with deep character, featuring
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The Aspen at Blacksburg

Set among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Blacksburg VA, the striking presence of the Aspen is breathtaking and tranquil. At just over 10,000 sq.
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The Adirondack at Smith Mountain Lake

Built in 1999 on Smith Mountain Lake, the Adirondack continues to attract admirers by land and by boat. At just over 3600 sq. ft., this
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How Much Input Should You Have In Your Custom Home?

Roanoke VA – As your new home is being designed, you’ll naturally have questions, suggestions, and concerns. Building a house is a big and exciting project, and many of our customers ask us before we begin about the amount of input they’ll be able to provide during the design and construction process.

At KEBO, we do much more than just build houses. We’re in the business of bringing our customers’ dream homes to life, and that takes more than great architecture and skilled craftsmanship: it requires the ability to transform ideas, words, and notes on a page into a three-dimensional building that will exceed all functional and aesthetic expectations.

If we wanted to build homes without input or feedback, we would be designing properties for a commercial development firm. KEBO has earned a reputation for delivering beautiful, authentic homes. We accomplish this by being extremely thorough in the early design and planning stages, when your input is most valuable.

As you first begin to work with an architect or designer, we hope you’ll bring all your ideas to the table. We want to see your impressions, notes, sketches, even photos from design magazines that have caught your interest or inspired you. At this early stage, we’ll create designs based on your ideas until we have a blueprint and a plan that captures your vision.

As we begin to build, we’ll rely on you to choose the materials and details you’d like to see in your home. During the actual construction process, it can be challenging for homeowners to envision the finished home during a walk-through, but we still expect and value your feedback at that late stage.

In short, your input is critical. In fact, it guides the entire process of designing and building your home. As you begin to work with us, we hope you’ll ask all the questions you can and present ideas as early as possible, giving our complete team the information and inspiration they need to create a new home you’re sure to love.

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